Creative Meritocracy

In this video, brought to you by Fast Company, Scott Belsky talks about the value of creative meritocracy.

In the full article he talks about a few ways that we can help create an era of creative meritocracy.

One of them is proper attribution, give credit, where credit is due. We can all help increase proper attribution by sharing the work we love and giving credit to those that created that work.

The second idea that Scott shares in his article is community curation where the people of a community help show and select those that are better among them. Nowadays this is made easy trough tools like Digg and Facebook’s “Like” button, Scott says.

But we can all do more. It’s important not only to recognize good work but also to support it. If you like something, and if you believe in it, make an effort to support it in whatever way you can. be it buying the product or showing the work to people that would be interested in buying it.

In the consumerist society we life in, and in our unstable economy we need to reward those that give us quality and that create something worth more than money.

You can read the full article, of Fast Company, here!

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