Meet Uncharitable, a book from Dan Pallotta. A book for anyone interested in the cause of or age (charity), Uncharitable has been called everything from the “new manifesto of charities” to pure “heresy”.

It puts into question all that defines charity and postulates that the paradigms that define charity are the same that put it in disadvantage in regards to the for profit sector.

A bold affirmation it is sure to cause some conflicting opinions, but don’t judge just yet.

Visit the Uncharitable website and learn more about the book and also hear the author speaking about his believes and why he feels charity needs to change. Most of all, read the book, even if you end up disagreeing with it it’s sure to be an interesting read. It’s in my list!

Dan Pallotta’s “Uncharitable Live” from Advertising for Humanity on Vimeo.

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