Looking Back – New year Resolutions

We all do new year resolutions but rarely complete them.

It’s important, not only to make those resolutions but also strive to complete them, and when the year comes to an end we must look back at the resolutions we made and try to understand why some worked and some didn’t.

First let me tell you what my new year resolutions were:

  1. Learn something new about design every week;
  2. Donate money to a good cause every month;
  3. Make daily posts in my blog;
  4. Read a book a month;
  5. Take pictures every week;
  6. Find work;
  7. Participate in a competition every month;
  8. Create a daily work out routine;
  9. Draw every day;
  10. Complete my degree;
  11. Create a portfolio;
  12. Find a home.

Some goals were easier for me to complete than others.

My learn something about design every week was a simple and effective goal. Since design is one of my passions, and also what I do for a living it was relatively easy to complete this goal. However if I were to do it again next year I would have to be more specific. There are several different ways to learn new things about design, and being specific would help me achieve some of my goals about my design knowledge base.

Donating Money every month to a good cause was one of the most fulfilling goals I did this year, and one that I intend to repeat. Although I would probably expand the concept to other forms of charity since I didn’t complete this goal due to mid year lack of funds.

The daily post challenge was strangely one of my most successful goals, it was specific and engaging and although I’m a few days behind I believe It will be one of the goals I will fulfil this year.

Reading a book a month, was a complete success and a goal I completely overshoot! To the amazing count of 20 books during the entire year.

Taking pictures every week was a huge challenge! Mostly because I had no real reason to take pictures, usually I take picture with a specific idea in mind, and that was what was missing in this particular goal.

Finding a job was a welcomed success and not only did I find a job, but one I like!

Doing a competition a month was a complete and utter fail, partly because there wasn’t always a competition available and partly because I lost interest in it once I started working gaining a bigger interest in doing personal projects.

Creating a daily work out routine failed for the obvious lack of focus, without a specific goal I just kept delaying it, till the end of the year.

Drawing every day is really hard! And although I will probably fail this goal I have manage to create a routine where I scribble something in my notebook every other day.

Completing my graduation wasn’t easy but it was one of my greatest achievements this year.

I finally created a portfolio last month and it was instrumental in helping me get a job!

Finding a home was unfortunately delayed since I didn’t have a job till last month and will definitely be in my goals list for next year.

All in all it was an all right year for new year resolutions. I learn that I need to be allot more specific with them and that they need to be meaningful to me and no one else!

How did your new year resolutions turned out? And what did you learned from them?

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2 thoughts on “Looking Back – New year Resolutions

  1. sifrim says:

    Targets need, indeed to be very specific and with clear measurement criteria.
    Not a bad year at all! I wish you an even better 2012!

  2. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    Congratulations for all of your achievements! Well done for acknowledging all you have accomplished. May 2012 bring you many positive things.

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