What Basic Skill Can’t You Do?


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We all have basic skills that we’re no good at. Things that everyone does easily but we can’t do properly. For me that one skill is parallel parking.

I’m terrible at it and honestly I have given up at getting any better.

My point is that even if there are things you can’t do well you should focus on the things you can do!

I might be terrible at parallel parking but there are plenty of other things that I can do. If you focus on what your good at and play to your strengths you’ll find it allot easier to improve on your shortcomings without being overwhelmed by them.

We sometimes focus to hard on the things we can’t do and ignore those that we can do. Acknowledge your shortcomings but don’t dwell on them. Focus on what you can do well and enjoy it!

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2 thoughts on “What Basic Skill Can’t You Do?

  1. Ha ha! If I can’t pull into a parking place I find another one! No parallel parking for this girl!!

    And I hate to put my car in reverse at any time – I don’t know if it’s my peripheral vision, disorientation with looking back into the mirror or what – but I despise going in reverse. Perhaps just my metaphor for life!

  2. cadmq says:

    well … you know what they say about women and driving!!! 🙂
    just joking… or not …
    I’m sure that if you try more often you can do it!

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