First Post of 2012

This is officially my first post of 2012!

The fireworks have past and the holidays are behind us. For me this means going back to work with no more holidays or days of in between. For you it might mean something else, like maybe going back to school or even taking a plane back home! Regardless of what the end of the holidays mean to you for all of us a new year has begun! And it’s not all bad!

A new year means a fresh start! You can get your fresh start any day of the year but when there’s a new set of numbers at the end of the date it all seams a little more real. And we all feel an obligation to look at our lives and see what we want to change!

Like most of you I’m busy writing down my New Year resolutions and making plans for keeping them. I promise to post them in a couple of days!

For the mean time, have a wonderful 2012, with lots of joy, laughter, love and dreams come true!

Now go pick out a new calendar and have a great day!!!

2012 wall Calendar from Dozi

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2 thoughts on “First Post of 2012

  1. sifrim says:

    A wonderful 2012 to you too, and at its end, I wish you’ll have all resolutions exceeded!

  2. cadmq says:

    I’m sure you’ll overcome all your goals 🙂

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