Finding a Way to Make the Best of Slow Days

Wind EnergyThe biggest challenge you’ll ever find in working life are slow days. When you’re busy doing what you love the day flies by and it’s easy to enjoy the day. But when you’re waiting, when work is slow or there isn’t much to do, it becomes a lot harder to keep away feelings of frustration and boredom.

Most days at the company where I work are incredibly busy. You spend the day finishing one task after the other and find little time to actually think about what your doing. However, like any other work there are slow days, days when there isn’t much work to be done and there is no escape from the stillness of doing nothing.

It’s on these days that staying focussed and inspired is hard. You need to fight to keep you’re mind on the task at hand simply because you know it’s the only task you have for the day, and as hard as you try your eye keeps looking at the watch watching the minutes go by one at the time.

Sometimes the best way to stay focussed is to create alternative tasks that you only develop when there is nothing else to do. Ideally this would be something you’re passionate about and it would be something you have a personal interest in developing while still bringing a benefit to the company you work for.

It can be a project you were asked to develop when you had the time for it or something you believe would bring value to the company. Or it can be a skill you would like to improve.

Even tough most of the days you won’t have the time for these projects they’re worth keeping in a drawer for when you do have the time for them, so that you don’t feel like there is nothing to do.

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2 thoughts on “Finding a Way to Make the Best of Slow Days

  1. PM Hut says:

    There are no slow days in my opinion, there are just days that you have a lot of uninteresting work to do. Sometimes you get by these days by just not doing anything, but you can’t keep procrastinating this work forever…

    • Marta Sofia says:

      Thank you for reading PM Hut and commenting!
      I understand your point of view and I’m sure that in most workplaces that is the case. However at my work place we depend allot on clients to give us the material we need to work with, this means that some days we have no work to do because we’re waiting on a client to send us material.
      I can understand where your coming from, but in some workplaces there are times when we really need to stop because we depend on other people.

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