First Times

First times are always special moments.

Your heart beats faster and your hand shake and sweat.

It’s not the most glamorous of reactions and yet it’s part of why first times are so special.

As a release of all tensions when the moment finally comes you find yourself enveloped in a haze of happiness and excitement. For the duration of that feeling everything seems perfect and without a flaw.

Last Friday I joined friends and colleagues for the inauguration of my first collective exhibition. Although I shared the space with many others it was exciting to see people walking around the exhibition and appreciating the works displayed there. It showed me that not only I can participate in a classic exhibition but also that I want to repeat the experience.

No matter where you are in life first times are magical things. And we should all strive to have as many of them as our heart wishes.

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2 thoughts on “First Times

  1. sifrim says:

    Congratulations, Marta! I wish you many, many ahead.

  2. I would love to see some of your work…can it be posted?…mkg

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