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It is part of our condition to create expectations about what lies ahead of us.

We create alternative worlds in our minds where events take place just how we imagine them or the way we most fear.

The problem with expectations is that we go into situations expecting a certain outcome. This can lead to us sabotaging ourselves and ruining our chances at success.

If you go into work thinking that it’s going to be a bad day than the likely-hood is that you have a terrible day at work where nothing goes your way. The reason why this happens is simply because you already came into work prepared for a bad day, your mindset made your expectations come true.

In a perfect world we would all learn to discard expectations and stop imagining how the future would be. But in reality that is hard to achieve.

So here’s some advice from someone that spends allot of time creating expectations.

Try to look at both sides of the coin. When looking into the future and imagining how it will be try to imagine both the worst and the best possible outcome. You’ll have a pretty good idea of just how bad and how well something can go and you can enter a situation with realistic expectations.

At the end of the day we will always try to look ahead and see what’s waiting for us, the trick is not to be to excited about it or to pessimist. Like this no matter what happens you’ll be prepared.

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