Stress is the Enemy of Creation

Brain cell(s)

Brain cell(s) (Photo credit: jepoirrier)

Some people work great on deadlines, they excel under pressure doing their most creative work when a impossible deadline hangs over their heads.

I’m not like that…

For me the stress of deadlines is crumpling, it holds me back and leaves me stuck in a fear of not achieving. Instead of acting on the problem I tend to feel vanquished as if no matter what I do I have already lost.

Not only does the stress prevent me from acting it also crumples my creative spirit leaving me lost and without any direction to hold on to.

With an opponent this strong my only chance is to ignore the deadline, pretend I’m not scared and focus on what has to be done.In hopes that I can trick my mind into believing that everything is okay!

What about you can you work under pressure? Or do you function better without it?

When do you get your best results?

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One thought on “Stress is the Enemy of Creation

  1. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    If I need to write an article or an essay – I need a deadline to work productively. As for creative writing, I have never had or set myself any deadlines. I let my ideas come when they do, in whatever shape or form. When I have had assignments for creative writing classes, I experienced both blocks and breakthroughs thanks to deadlines. If I was enjoying what I was writing, I would get it done quicker thanks to the deadline; if I wasn’t, I just wouldn’t even finish it!

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