Finding balance…


Photo by Cristina

A couple of days ago I talked about the dificulties of focusing on your work or in things you need to get done. Today I talk to you about finding your strength.

As easilly as you have a hard time focusing you can find that somedays, focuss and productivity comes to you without effort.

I can’t say I know why this happens. Maybe we all have good days and bad ones, but I tink it runs deeper than that.

To an extent the human mind works in cicles. We all have days, months, hours in which we have more or less energy. This happens because our mind, much like our body needs to rest.

In a world that moves in such a fast pace we rarely find the time to rest our minds and this has it’s consequences. The exhaustion builds up and instead of resting for ten minutes we need hours to recover, wasting valuable time just because we didn’t stop earlier.

Só next time your mind tells you it needs a rest listen! It will pay off! And maybe you’ll find yourself having more good days than bad.

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