Let me tell you in on a little secret…

For the past few months I’ve been looking for a house to move out of my parents.

There’s just one small problem….

You can see my predicament?

The problem right now is that houses for rent are hugely over priced and you can find attic with barely the minimal living conditions for half the minimal pay.

You can also find decent houses for the same price, and I’ve seen a couple but the sifting trough the candidates wastes an tremendous amount of time!

But I shall insist and carry on! After all the house is out there…

I’ll just leave you with one thought. How can a house with two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and a living room cost the  same as an attic with a kitchenette and a tiny bathroom?

Crazy world we live in 😛

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2 thoughts on “Let me tell you in on a little secret…

  1. Best of luck to you …I believe you will find “your” place …persistence!

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