Social Punk by Monica Leonelle – Sneak Preview

Got the change to be a part of Monica Leonelle’s book tour with her new book “Social Punk”, after reading the book’s prologue I just had to participate and am excited to finally be sharing it with you.

I’ll be posting a few things on this book in the following days, including an interview of Monica and a review of the book.

For now let me leave you with a sneak preview of the book.

“Dash dragged Ima through the cabin, looking for a seat. One of the men ahead of them had the shadow of his hood covering a portion of his eyes, but Ima could not mistake his inexplicable stare. Ima felt self-conciousness wash over her – his gaze made her uncomfortable, the way her father’s did sometimes.

When she passed by the hood, his sleeve brushed against hers and her heart raced. He did a double-take, and the second time he looked at her, his eyes widened.”

excerpt of “Social Punk” by Monica Leonelle

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