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Burning Question by Danielle LaPorte

Every week Danielle LaPorte posts a burning question on her website, this week question is:

What money resentments do you have…that you could let go of?

I have always considered myself as having a fairly balanced and healthy relationship with money. Usually I would just write off this question as not being for me and move on to something else. But this time I decided to stop and think for a second. After all, although my finances are doing well, truth is I don’t always hit my mark when it comes to savings and I’m very inconsistent about how much I actually save and for what.

I used to think this was just me being lazy and reckless but maybe there’s more to it than that.

I was lucky enough to never have a lack of money and always had I’ve always had people to turn to in case of need. In many ways I never truly learned how to respect a budget. As I grew older though I found that not everyone was as lucky as me that many had a harder time paying their bills.

Maybe that should of showed me that I should save for adversity, or that I was blessed to have what I had. What did happen, and what I ended up feeling, and I guess I still do, is something completely different. I felt like a fake! Like none of it was ever supposed to be mine. I felt that I didn’t deserve that money, that there were people that deserved it more than me, needed it more. I felt undeserving of the gifts of graduation when my grades were merely average, and I new I could of done better. Undeserving of the attention and help of my family when I came back from quitting college, not knowing what my next step would be.

In many ways I still feel underserving today. There are people more qualified, better prepared, more creative or simply in greater need that should have my job and get this money, because surely I cannot be deserving of it.

But the question was money resentments that I could let go of…. And maybe this is one of them.

Regardless of there being people in greater need or with better skills, I got this job and I worked for the money that comes with it. Maybe it’s time to believe in myself, to know that I am worthy of this money, to remember that I worked for it, and most importantly, that I am capable of sharing it with the world and trough it help others improve their life’s.

It’s time to let go of the guilt and use what I have to help others and to make their life a little better.

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Finding time to Stop and Recharge

Wind Energy

We all need to recharge batteries.

No matter how much you love your job you’ll always need time for yourself where you can charge your batteries and get back the energy you need to face another week.

Sometimes I forget to do this, and I’m guessing that maybe you do to.

It’s been imprinted to me from a very early age that stopping, even if just for an hour a day, and doing nothing equals failure. That if your not doing something you are a worthless member of society and undeserving of the respect of your pears.

It has been a struggle to get past this and actually relax and let go, but sometimes you have to, or else you’ll burn out.

So I put it upon myself to take one hour every day to just relax and recharge.

When you finally set your mind to taking time of to relax the next step is figuring out what you can do in that time that will make you feel recharged and rested.

Maybe you have a hobby or some particular activity that you do that makes you feel good about yourself and fills you with energy, if you do great!

But if you don’t don’t worry! I myself have no idea what I could do that would make me feel relaxed and rested but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out. The very best way to find out something about yourself is to go with your gut. So when you reach that time of the day that you reserved for recharging batteries just do the first that pops into your mind. And if you figure out that wasn’t quite what you were looking for just keep trying until you find what’s right for you.

After all is said and done sometimes you need to stop for one hour so that you can face the rest of the day with more energy and strength.

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Let me tell you in on a little secret…

For the past few months I’ve been looking for a house to move out of my parents.

There’s just one small problem….

You can see my predicament?

The problem right now is that houses for rent are hugely over priced and you can find attic with barely the minimal living conditions for half the minimal pay.

You can also find decent houses for the same price, and I’ve seen a couple but the sifting trough the candidates wastes an tremendous amount of time!

But I shall insist and carry on! After all the house is out there…

I’ll just leave you with one thought. How can a house with two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and a living room cost the  same as an attic with a kitchenette and a tiny bathroom?

Crazy world we live in 😛

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“The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain

I’m sharing this amazing video with you that talks about the power of introverts, because being one myself, I truly believe it’s an important lesson to learn.


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Finding balance…


Photo by Cristina

A couple of days ago I talked about the dificulties of focusing on your work or in things you need to get done. Today I talk to you about finding your strength.

As easilly as you have a hard time focusing you can find that somedays, focuss and productivity comes to you without effort.

I can’t say I know why this happens. Maybe we all have good days and bad ones, but I tink it runs deeper than that.

To an extent the human mind works in cicles. We all have days, months, hours in which we have more or less energy. This happens because our mind, much like our body needs to rest.

In a world that moves in such a fast pace we rarely find the time to rest our minds and this has it’s consequences. The exhaustion builds up and instead of resting for ten minutes we need hours to recover, wasting valuable time just because we didn’t stop earlier.

Só next time your mind tells you it needs a rest listen! It will pay off! And maybe you’ll find yourself having more good days than bad.

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