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Taryn Simon: Shot True

“The Celebrated American Artist Reveals the Ideas Pushing Her to the Limits of Photography.”


Taryn Simon: Shot True on Nowness.com. (click the link above to watch the video)

Acclaimed artist Taryn Simon questions meaning and truth, not only of photography but of life itself, while exploring the evolution of her work. Playing upon an uneasy marriage of image and context, Taryn blurs the lines between reportage, conceptual art and portraiture. Her most recent work,  A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters, juxtaposes portraits of subjectsfrom a single blood-line with census-like text and abstract imagery, creating a living story of a the blood that links us. “The piece is an exhaustive and poetic exploration of bloodlines and man’s will to survive.” Her first project The Innocents, shows a series of portraits of people wrongly convicted of crimes. “With An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar she unveiled secret sites within America hidden from mainstream consciousness while Contraband disclosed the nation’s fears and desires through the mundane items and counterfeit goods smuggled into the US.” Trough her insightful and raw photography Taryn Simon shows us the hidden realities of our world in a way that goes miles further than the specific cases she approaches. In a world of hidden meanings and where art itself has evolved into a state of subjective and indirect statements Taryn’s work shows in a blunt and yet beautifull way the realities and emotions of our world that hide just beneath the surface.

(all quotes and video from Nowness)

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