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What’s underneath your defintion of success? question by Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is doing the 30 days to Fire Up Your Creative Genius video series for The Huffington Post.

Here is today’s video:

I agree with Danielle LaPorte that when you say you want to feel successful it’s not really saying anything! It’s an empty term! And it has the danger of making success something you’ll never feel because you don’t actually know how it looks for you, and if you don’t know how it looks, you’ll never find it!

For me feeling successful is feeling the freedom to realize my creativity in anyway that I feel is valuable and that I believe will better express who I am and that will make me happy and fulfilled.

To be successful, for me, is to spend the better part of my day creating. When I create, be it writing, drawing, giving, learning, I feel truly as myself, I feel truly at peace with who I am at my core. And to be able to feel that during most of my day is for me the truest definition of success.

Success is feeling at peace with myself and the world. It’s being myself in my work, with my friends, with my family and with people I’ve just met. It’s to be comfortable with who I am, flaws and all…

Wouldn’t that feel great?

What about you? What’s your definition of success?

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We all have the power in us to create something that is not only beautiful but also magical.

Trough our imagination we find the power to bring to this world all that wasn’t!

Andreas Preis new body of work entitled Alive shows us the true nature of some of the most powerful and important words in our life.


For the word create he chose a bird. It honesty represents all that creation means: freedom, liberty and a limitless quest for more.

You can see the complete collection of Alive here! Also, for more of Andreas Pries work visit his portfolio!

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Have you ever walked barefoot trough the grass?

Feeling the cold little sprouts in between your toes, tickling your feet?

It feels like freedom, like a wild flower growing happily in a field of green waving glass…

English: Wild Grass in India

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