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Burning Question by Danielle LaPorte

Every week Danielle LaPorte posts a burning question on her website, this week question is:

What money resentments do you have…that you could let go of?

I have always considered myself as having a fairly balanced and healthy relationship with money. Usually I would just write off this question as not being for me and move on to something else. But this time I decided to stop and think for a second. After all, although my finances are doing well, truth is I don’t always hit my mark when it comes to savings and I’m very inconsistent about how much I actually save and for what.

I used to think this was just me being lazy and reckless but maybe there’s more to it than that.

I was lucky enough to never have a lack of money and always had I’ve always had people to turn to in case of need. In many ways I never truly learned how to respect a budget. As I grew older though I found that not everyone was as lucky as me that many had a harder time paying their bills.

Maybe that should of showed me that I should save for adversity, or that I was blessed to have what I had. What did happen, and what I ended up feeling, and I guess I still do, is something completely different. I felt like a fake! Like none of it was ever supposed to be mine. I felt that I didn’t deserve that money, that there were people that deserved it more than me, needed it more. I felt undeserving of the gifts of graduation when my grades were merely average, and I new I could of done better. Undeserving of the attention and help of my family when I came back from quitting college, not knowing what my next step would be.

In many ways I still feel underserving today. There are people more qualified, better prepared, more creative or simply in greater need that should have my job and get this money, because surely I cannot be deserving of it.

But the question was money resentments that I could let go of…. And maybe this is one of them.

Regardless of there being people in greater need or with better skills, I got this job and I worked for the money that comes with it. Maybe it’s time to believe in myself, to know that I am worthy of this money, to remember that I worked for it, and most importantly, that I am capable of sharing it with the world and trough it help others improve their life’s.

It’s time to let go of the guilt and use what I have to help others and to make their life a little better.

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How Much Debt is too Much?

Black hole...on earth

Image by ƒernando via Flickr

During the course of our life most of us will incur in some sort of debt. Some of it big some of it small. More generally we do it so we can buy a car or a house, sometimes we do it for other reasons, like a phone or a TV.

Personally I have no debts. But then again I’m young and my parents have always supported me, giving me the money I needed to live and study. But we aren’t all that lucky. Some of us have incurred in debt to afford going to school or getting a car to be capable of moving around from school, to work and home.

I believe that debt can be understandable in many cases. When you want to buy a house to build a family in, or when you need a car to move around. These can be considered necessities at certain points in our lives, but there are other things that aren’t considered necessities that can also be justifiable. Like paying for your education, it’s an investment after all.

But at the end of the day debt is only a problem if it hinders you.

When the amount of debt you have to pay every month is bigger than the money you make things are truly bleak, and that is surely to much debt. But I feel debt becomes to much a little bit before that point. I believe you have too much debt when you aren’t capable of saving money, when your literally living from pay check to pay check.

At this point, when debt is too much, there are only two things you can do: cut back on your expenses or find ways to make more money. Things easier said than done.

Debt has become a serious problem in our society. But I do believe it isn’t always the result of irresponsibility or recklessness, sometimes you take in debt just to survive or move forward. The irony is that the debt that may push you forward at one time may keep you back in the future.

What ever your situation, don’t loose hope and be careful when ever you consider spending more money that what you own.

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A Consumerist society and a Crumbling World – Part 2 (Greed)

This is a follow up on the post A Consumerist society and a Crumbling World.


Image by 快樂雲 via Flickr

I ended the previous post by stating that the problem of this world is greed. And today I heard a story that, in my view, confirms this.

A man won the lottery, 15 million Euro, more than enough money to lead a care free life. You would think this person would buy a house, a car, go on a trip and use the rest of the money for an early retirement. And he probably did all these things! But he did something I don’t understand. For some reason this person continued playing the lottery! And a few months latter won it, again!

It’s not that I’m jealous, really! I just don’t get the logic behind it! You’re a millionaire! Why would you play in the lottery? They’re other people who actually need the money!

A few months ago I heard another story that shocked me. A TV broadcast where a company complained of having had a very low profit during the past year. At first I thought: That sucks! But then I hear the reporter saying: “Only 50 millions (or something in the vicinity) of profit” Only? In what world is 50 millions only? … and he continues to say:”that will be split by all 12 (or something) of the investors”… Poor guys only 4 million each…. Seriously? People are starving out there! And you’re crying that you only made 4 million this year? What world do you live in?

It seems that so many of us have been detached from the “real world”. We’re so caught up on buying and buying, that we forget that there are people around us that don’t have the money for food, let alone those black stilettos! And don’t think I’m above it, I’m not, I do it to! But I truly believe we need to change. We need to look at those around us and take care of them. Because, alone, we’re noting. We are social beings and yet we have grown so solitary.

In the past I dreamt with the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect vacation house, the boat, all that stuff! But nowadays when I see how bad it gets for some, I can’t dream all those big dreams with a clear concious, not when the world is so messed up. I’m happy with a good home, a good car and some money to travel once in a while. I wish one day I will have one day enough money to live comfortably, and be able to help others.

This could be a wonderful world, if only we could care a little bit more about those around us and stop worrying about having all the perfect things. Because owning all those things won’t make us happy. We need human contact for that. Human love!

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