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One one of the hardstest truths to learn…

Life is Melody

How ?

But doing so I’m feeling lonely.
Expecting some clarification
in this from
my blog reading friends..

~ Rajiv M

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The worst part of waking up is leaving your dreams behind.



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Make it Your Ambition to…

am·bi·tion  noun. An eager or strong desire to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

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“There are certain people who work very committedly, who slog meticulously toward their goal, but without one stitch of inspiration. Then there are inspired people who never get a line on their gift – they lack the patience and discipline to bring the possibilities within their gift to form. The ideal is when these two extremes come into balance in the life of the artist.”

quote from the book The Four Elements: Reflections on Nature by John O’Donohue
first shared by Erin in Analyfe

The Balance between Hard Work and Inspiration

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