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My Blogging Strategy for 2012

"Writing on the wood is prohibited."...I first started the Post a Day Challenge because I wanted to blog more frequently and transform blogging into a living and active part of my life.

When I started the challenge my blog was a zero visitors and maybe five posts, kind of blog. I had zero inspiration to blog and a terrible fear of failure.

During the course of this year my blog evolved into a living and breathing creature. I now have an impressive total of 304 posts, raging from design to daily life dilemmas, and over 4,000 views. I’m impressed! The blog is still missing a focus but it’s going somewhere and it became a wonderful place to meet people and grow.

All in all I did pretty well on the challenge, I posted for most of the days and I’m only 12 post short of my goal. Posting everyday is incredible hard and to often life gets in the way. Although next year I probably won’t post daily I still want to post regularly.

In therms of writing strategies I don’t now if I have one. I write in two different ways, I either find a topic of interest and free write about it or develop a set of points I want to talk about and develop them separately. Both strategies are effective but I prefer the later one, it gives me more structure and allows me to stay on topic.

If there is something I would change it would definitely be the focus of my blog! I feel that if I had a more concrete theme or objective I would have done allot better than I did. Regardless this was still a huge success and an experience I’m not likely to forget.
One of my favourite things with this challenge was discovering the amazing blogs other people are writing. My utimate favourite this year is Analyfe the incisive and direct writing and the honesty of the writer behind it are a refreshing change and Erin has become a company and an influence that I’m not likely to forget. In the art world Design Soufflé became a constant source of inspiration and the photography of The urban hippie inspires me every day to look at the beauty in the world around me.

About the post a day challenge? I’m surprised I finished it! I honestly believed that I would fail miserably, but I didn’t!  Watching everyone else excel at this challenge gave me the push I needed to complete it. Community does make a difference!

If you want to blog regularly it really isn’t that hard. Just set a goal and stick to it! And if you ever get stuck and out of ideas, like I did many times throughout the year, just keep writing! Write about nothing if you have to!

For 2012 I’m cutting back on the posting a little bit, writing a blog post every day is a little bit excessive. So following on the steps of many of my fellow bloggers I’m posting 3 times a week for the following year. My other goal is to find a focus for my blog and give it a makeover.

What are your blogging goals for 2012?

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Gauging Success (via Analyfe)

Erin from Analyfe posted this very eloquent post about the meanings of success in the modern world and how we often don’t know what it means. I have felt this way myself and Erin has been able to eloquently explain what it’s like to suddenly feel directionless, and lost from the usual sense of purpose given to us by school.

I only hope that we can learn to look at this vast ocean of opportunities with more joy then sorrow for the generations before us did not have these choices and they fought hard to give them to us. And maybe as we learn to take this as a blessing rather then a curse we may eventually find our way.

“It felt good that others had confidence in my future, but I didn’t always share it. Sure, I wanted to do ‘amazing things’ with my life. But what did that even mean? In the past, there had always been an equation. Take notes in class, do your homework, study for exams, and it will help you get a decent grade. Train hard, improve coordination, work out regularly, and you’re on your way to becoming a decent athlete. But now, how was I supposed to s … Read More

via Analyfe

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Freshly Pressed, my favourites

Freshly Pressed is a wonderful tool, I have found the most amazing blogs there and It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch with the WordPress community. So today I share some of these wonderful blogs with you, may you like them as much as I did.

“Childhood Toys” from Rebecca the Housewrecka

Day to day life with wonderful photography. Fun, easy to read and beautiful to look at.

“Why your social graph should be bigger (not smaller)” from Information Maven: Greg Meyer

A very interesting post on connection in the technological world.

“I meet a lot of people who are interested in segmenting their social graphs — keeping Facebook for friends, Twitter for fun, and keeping business contacts, well, focused on business — and they are missing something.”

“Move over cardboard there’s a new hard cover in town” from Solarpowered Kate

These are Kate’s ceramic covers, AMAZING!!!

From Solarpowered Kate Blog

Beautiful ceramic cover for hand made notebooks amazing work.

These and other amazing blogers give me hope that one day I may be a third of the bloger they already are. To all you blogers out there keep up the good work.

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Going Green

Go Green

Image by kenneoh via Flickr

Have you ever wished to do more for your planet? Help it become a healthier cleaner planet? I know I have, but sometimes it’s hard to now how to do it.

WordPress has given you an excellent chance to do this. A spotlight blog today that is all about being green everything from world politics to what nail polish to buy or what to to this spring to be green. So check out the site, fun well organized and with loads of information.

You can check out EcoPressed here!

Going green is vital for our planet and for our society, if we want to be here for the next 100 years we need to stop polluting and start fixing our planet, and It’s hard work! But it’s also worth it.

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