Growing Old

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt

Thinking of YOU!!

Growing old is becoming a witness to the passing of time. Not only for ourselves, but for everyone that couldn’t be there. It’s giving place to others to work and grow, and taking the place of teachers of life.

Every wrinkle of an elder, every white hair tells a story. And those stories, from another time and another place, are treasures to be cherished by everyone. Those stories hold in their core lessons of life learned with time and pain.

We mistreat our elders to often. They are sources of wonderful stories and wisdom and we should all learn to respect them.

So if you can, sit down with one of your elders today and listen. Just listen. Listen to the stories he has to share, and when he is done, you will have learned something, and be just a little bit wiser.

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One thought on “Growing Old

  1. I’m becoming one of those seniors daily… but, life keeps evolving… I guess I will add a few more wrinkles of wisdom…A nice way to put it!

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